Surfing in Houston: The Complete Guide

While Houston may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of surfing, the Space City offers some excellent opportunities for surfers of all levels. Houston’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico makes it an ideal destination for surfers, with a growing community of surfers and a range of fantastic surf spots to explore.

In this complete guide to surfing in Houston, we’ll explore the best surf spots, the ideal time to catch waves, the gear you’ll need, and other essential tips to help you make the most of your surfing adventure in the Space City.

Best Surf Spots in Houston:

  1. Surfside Beach: Surfside Beach is located just an hour’s drive from Houston, Surfside Beach is one of the most popular surf spots in the area. The beach offers consistent waves and is a great place for beginners to practice their skills. The waves at Surfside Beach are typically best during the fall and winter months.
  2. Galveston Island: Galveston Island is a popular destination for surfers in the Houston area. The island offers a variety of surf spots, from beginner-friendly waves to more challenging breaks. The waves at Galveston Island are typically best during the fall and winter months.
  3. Bolivar Peninsula: Bolivar Peninsula is another popular surf spot in the Houston area. The beach offers consistent waves and is a great place for intermediate to advanced surfers. The waves at Bolivar Peninsula are typically best during the fall and winter months.

Ideal Time for Surfing in Houston:

The best time for surfing in Houston is during the fall and winter months when the water is cooler, and the waves are more consistent. The summer months can also produce some great waves, but the water can be warmer and the waves are typically smaller.

Surfing Gear:

To enjoy surfing in Houston, you’ll need the right gear. Here’s a list of essentials:

  1. Surfboard: Choose a board that matches your skill level and the conditions of the waves.
  2. Wetsuit: The water temperature in Houston can vary, so it’s important to wear a wetsuit that keeps you warm and comfortable.
  3. Surf wax: Apply surf wax to your board to help you grip the board and prevent slipping.
  4. Leash: A leash keeps you connected to your board and prevents it from getting away from you in the water.
  5. Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the sun by wearing a high-quality sunscreen.

Tips for Surfing in Houston:

  1. Check the weather conditions before heading out. The weather in Houston can be unpredictable, so it’s important to stay informed.
  2. Respect other surfers and share the waves. Don’t hog the waves and give others a chance to catch them.
  3. Be aware of the water quality. The Gulf of Mexico can be affected by seaweed and other natural elements, so it’s important to check for any advisories or warnings before heading out to surf.

Houston Surf Culture:

Houston’s surfing community is growing, and it’s worth exploring. Local surf shops like Third Coast Surf Shop and South Coast Surf Shop offer a range of surfing equipment and apparel. You can also connect with other surfers through local surfing clubs like the Houston Surfing Club.


Surfing in Houston offers a unique and exciting experience for surfers of all levels. With a variety of surf spots along the Gulf of Mexico, Houston attracts surfers from all over the region. Remember to check the weather and water conditions, wear the appropriate gear, and follow the tips for surfing in Houston to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Houston’s surf culture and community offer a unique perspective on the sport, with a growing number of surfers and a supportive community. Whether you’re catching waves at Surfside Beach or exploring the surf at Galvest on Island, surfing in Houston is an adventure not to be missed. Houston’s beautiful Gulf coastline is the perfect backdrop for an exciting and memorable surfing experience.

So whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner looking to catch your first wave, Houston has something to offer. With dedication, practice, and the right gear, you can become a skilled surfer and explore the exciting surf spots along the Gulf of Mexico. So grab your board, wax it up, and get ready to catch some waves in the Space City!

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