Surfing in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach: The Complete Guide

Myrtle Beach is a premier surfing destination located on the coast of South Carolina. With its miles of sandy beaches, warm waters, and consistent waves, Myrtle Beach is becoming increasingly popular among surfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Myrtle Beach offers a variety of surfing opportunities that are sure to satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Myrtle Beach is a popular surfing destination located in South Carolina
  • The area has a variety of surf spots and wave conditions for surfers of all skill levels
  • Safety is essential when surfing in Myrtle Beach, and surfers should be aware of local regulations and precautions to take
  • Myrtle Beach offers a range of surfing schools, surfboard rentals, and accommodations to ensure a convenient and enjoyable surfing experience
  • The local dining and nightlife scene in Myrtle Beach caters to surfers, providing a social atmosphere after a long day on the waves

The Beaches of Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a surfer’s paradise, with a range of beaches offering excellent surf spots for every level of surfer. From beginners to advanced, there is something for everyone. Below is an overview of the top beaches in Myrtle Beach for surfing:

Beach NameSurf SpotWave ConditionsBest Time to Surf
Cherry Grove BeachThe Pier, Icehouse, Cherry Grove PierPowerful, hollow wavesSummer, Fall
Surfside BeachThe Jetty, The ArkFast, beach-break wavesSummer, Fall
Garden City BeachWooden Surf Shack, The PierConsistent, peaky wavesSummer, Fall
Myrtle Beach State ParkThe Pier, Springmaid PierSlow, mellow wavesSummer, Fall

The Beaches of Myrtle Beach

Cherry Grove Beach is located in the northernmost part of Myrtle Beach and is known for its powerful and hollow waves. The Pier, Icehouse, and Cherry Grove Pier are popular surf spots here. Surfside Beach is located just south of Myrtle Beach and is home to The Jetty and The Ark, which are known for their fast, beach-break waves. Garden City Beach is located south of Surfside Beach and is known for its consistent, peaky waves. The Wooden Surf Shack and The Pier are the popular surf spots here. Myrtle Beach State Park is located in the heart of Myrtle Beach and is the most popular spot among beginner surfers due to its slow and mellow waves. The Pier and Springmaid Pier are the popular surf spots here.

Each beach has its own unique characteristics and is suitable for different levels of surfing. It’s recommended to do some research before heading out to ensure that you choose the right beach and surf spot for your skill level.

Surfing Safety Tips in Myrtle Beach

Surfing in Myrtle Beach is a thrilling experience, but it’s essential to be aware of the potential dangers and to take the necessary precautions to stay safe in the water. Follow these surfing safety tips to ensure a fun and safe surfing adventure in Myrtle Beach.

Check the Wave Conditions

Before hitting the water, check the wave conditions to ensure they are suitable for your skill level. If you’re a beginner, stick to smaller waves, and avoid surfing during dangerous surf conditions.

Beware of Rip Currents

Myrtle Beach is known for its strong rip currents, which can quickly pull you away from the shore. If you get caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the shore until you are out of the current’s pull, and then make your way back to the beach.

Respect Local Regulations

Be sure to follow any local regulations and respect other surfers in the water. Observe designated surfing areas and keep a safe distance from swimmers and non-surfers.

Protect Your Skin

Wear a wetsuit or rashguard to protect your skin from the sun and rashes caused by rubbing against your board. Apply sunscreen regularly, especially on your face, neck, and ears.

Watch Out for Marine Life

Myrtle Beach is home to various marine creatures, including jellyfish and sharks. Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for any signs of danger.

Take Surfing Lessons

If you’re new to surfing or unfamiliar with the area, consider taking surfing lessons from a reputable instructor. They can teach you proper surfing techniques, safety protocols, and provide insider knowledge about the best surf spots in the area.

Never Surf Alone

Always surf with a buddy and keep an eye on each other in the water. In case of an emergency, having someone there to assist you can make a big difference.

By following these surfing safety tips in Myrtle Beach, you can have a safe and enjoyable surfing experience. Remember, safety should be your top priority!

Surfing Schools and Lessons in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is an excellent destination for beginner and advanced surfers alike, offering a variety of surfing schools and lessons to help improve your skills or learn the basics. Whether you are looking for private or group lessons, there are plenty of options available to suit your preferences.

Surfing SchoolLessons OfferedPrice Range
Jack’s Surf LessonsPrivate and Group Lessons, Surf Camps$65 – $350
Kokopelli Surf CampGroup Lessons, Kids Camps$50 – $150
Surf Dreams FoundationFree Lessons for Underprivileged KidsFree

When choosing a surfing school or lesson in Myrtle Beach, be sure to consider the instructor’s qualifications and experience, as well as the reputation of the school. It’s also important to check whether the school provides all necessary equipment or if you need to bring your own.

Tips for Choosing the Right Surfing School

  • Research several options and read online reviews
  • Check the instructor’s qualifications and experience
  • Consider the price and lesson duration
  • Inquire about required equipment and whether it’s provided
  • Choose a school that aligns with your skill level and goals

With so many surfing schools and lessons available in Myrtle Beach, you can’t go wrong with choosing one to help improve your surfing skills or get started with this exciting sport.

Surfboard Rentals in Myrtle Beach

When planning a surfing trip to Myrtle Beach, finding the right surfboard rental is essential. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for surfers of all skill levels.

Rental ShopLocationRental PricesBoard Types
Jack’s Surf Lessons and Board RentalsNorth Myrtle Beach$25/daySoft-top longboards, shortboards, and boogie boards
Village Surf ShoppeSurfside Beach$20/hour, $45/daySoft-top longboards, shortboards, and stand-up paddleboards
Island Inspired Board CompanyMyrtle Beach$20/hour, $60/dayHigh-performance shortboards and longboards

Be sure to also check out surf shops such as Surf City Surf Shop, which offer surfboard rentals and a range of other surfing accessories for purchase.

When picking up your rental, ask the staff for advice on the best surf spots to hit at the time of day, taking into account the day’s weather and surf conditions.

Local Surfing Events and Competitions in Myrtle Beach

If you’re looking for thrilling surfing events and competitions in Myrtle Beach, you won’t be disappointed. Check out some of the exciting annual happenings that attract surfers from all around.

ESA East Coast ChampionshipsThe Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) hosts this annual competition, bringing together top amateur surfers from the East Coast.Early August
Myrtle Beach Surf ChampionshipsThis competition attracts surfers from around the world to compete in multiple categories, including shortboard, longboard, and stand-up paddleboard.Late June
Native Sons Salt GamesThe Salt Games feature multiple beach sports, including surfing, providing a fun and festive atmosphere for participants and spectators alike.Early June

Be sure to check the dates and plan your trip accordingly if you’re interested in attending or competing in any of these events.

Best Surf Shops in Myrtle Beach

Whether you need to stock up on gear or simply want to browse the latest styles in surf fashion, Myrtle Beach is home to a variety of surf shops that cater to your needs as a surfer. From board shorts to surfboards, these shops offer everything you need to get the most out of your surfing experience. Here are some of the best surf shops in Myrtle Beach:

Surf City Surf ShopLocated in the heart of Myrtle Beach, Surf City Surf Shop is one of the oldest and most respected surf shops in the area. With a wide selection of surfboards, wetsuits, and accessories, Surf City is the go-to destination for local surfers and visitors alike.
Pacific Board SportsSpecializing in surfboards and surf accessories, Pacific Board Sports is a top choice for surfers looking for high-quality gear and expert advice. Their knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect board for your skill level and surfing style.
Island Inspired Board CompanyIf you’re looking for unique, locally-made surfboards and apparel, Island Inspired Board Company is the place to go. Their boards are created by skilled craftsmen using sustainable materials, making them a great choice for eco-conscious surfers.
Surfer Joe’s Surf & SkateWith a laid-back vibe and a wide selection of surfboards, skateboards, and apparel, Surfer Joe’s is a great place to hang out and chat with other surfers. They also offer surf lessons and rentals, making it a one-stop-shop for all your surfing needs.

These surf shops in Myrtle Beach offer a welcoming atmosphere and expert advice to help you get the most out of your surfing experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, stop by one of these shops to pick up the gear you need to catch the perfect wave.

Where to Stay for Surfing in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach offers a variety of accommodations that cater to surfers, from oceanfront hotels to beachside condos. Below are some of the best options for those looking to stay near the surf.

AccommodationDescriptionPrice Range
The Breakers ResortThis oceanfront hotel is conveniently located near several surf spots and offers a variety of room options to fit any budget.$100-$300 per night
Ocean Reef ResortSurrounded by several surf spots, this family-friendly resort offers beach access, multiple pools, and spacious condo-style units.$150-$350 per night
Surfside Beach Oceanfront HotelLocated in nearby Surfside Beach, this oceanfront hotel offers direct beach access and affordable rates during the surfing season.$75-$200 per night

In addition to hotels and resorts, visitors can also choose to rent beach houses or condos for a more private and independent stay. Sites like Airbnb and VRBO offer a variety of options that are within easy reach of the surf spots.

When choosing your accommodation, it’s important to consider proximity to the surf spots and beach access. Some hotels even offer rental services for surfboards and other equipment, making it easy to hit the waves as soon as you step out of your room.

Local Dining and Nightlife for Surfers in Myrtle Beach

When you’re not hitting the waves, Myrtle Beach offers a wide variety of dining and nightlife options for surfers to enjoy. With so many choices available, here are a few recommendations to get you started:


Art Burger Sushi BarBurgers, SushiDowntown Myrtle Beach
The Wicked TunaSeafoodMurrells Inlet
NY PrimeSteakhouseNorth Myrtle Beach

These are just a few of the top dining spots for surfers in Myrtle Beach, but there are plenty more to choose from based on your personal tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for seafood, burgers, sushi, or any other cuisine, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings.


  • The Bowery: This iconic oceanfront bar has been a fixture of Myrtle Beach for over 70 years, offering live music and a lively atmosphere.
  • 10 Barrell Brewery: If you’re in the mood for some craft beer and good company, this brewery in the heart of Downtown Myrtle Beach is a must-visit spot.
  • Tin Roof: Located at the famous Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, Tin Roof offers a fun and casual atmosphere with live music and an outdoor patio.

These are just a few examples of the vibrant nightlife scene in Myrtle Beach, but there are many more bars, clubs, and entertainment venues to explore. Whether you’re looking for live music, dancing, or just a casual hangout spot, Myrtle Beach has something to offer.

Surfing Etiquette in Myrtle Beach

Surfing etiquette is essential to maintaining a harmonious and enjoyable surfing community in Myrtle Beach. As you hit the waves, it’s important to respect other surfers and follow proper etiquette to avoid any conflicts.

Sharing Waves

Sharing waves is a fundamental aspect of surfing etiquette in Myrtle Beach. Always wait your turn and avoid cutting in front of other surfers, especially if they are already riding a wave. Remember, the surfer closest to the peak has priority.

Respecting Fellow Surfers

Respect your fellow surfers in Myrtle Beach by avoiding aggressive behavior or causing any unnecessary disturbances in the water. Always apologize if you accidentally drop in on someone’s wave, and never ditch your board where it could hit another surfer.

Being Mindful of Local Regulations

Myrtle Beach has specific regulations and laws for surfing and watersports. Always check local regulations before hitting the water and follow them accordingly. For example, surfing is not allowed within 200 feet of any pier or within the swimming area.

Being Prepared and Aware

Being prepared and aware of your surroundings is critical in ensuring your safety and the safety of others while surfing in Myrtle Beach. Always check the weather and surf conditions before heading out to the water, and never surf alone. Keep an eye out for other surfers, swimmers, and marine life.

Following proper surfing etiquette in Myrtle Beach not only ensures a safer surfing experience but also helps maintain a welcoming and friendly community of surfers. So, remember to respect your fellow surfers, be mindful of local regulations, and always be prepared and aware of your surroundings.

Surfing Resources and Websites for Myrtle Beach

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner looking to catch your first wave, there are plenty of useful resources and websites to help you make the most of your surfing experience in Myrtle Beach. Here are some of our top picks:

1. Surfline

Surfline is a comprehensive surf forecasting website that provides up-to-date information on wave conditions, tides, and weather for surf spots around the world, including Myrtle Beach. Check out the live HD cameras to get a real-time view of the surf before you hit the beach.

2. Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons

If you’re new to surfing or looking to improve your skills, Myrtle Beach Surf Lessons offers private and group surf lessons with experienced instructors. They also provide all the necessary equipment, including surfboards and wetsuits.

3. Surfing Myrtle Beach

Surfing Myrtle Beach is a comprehensive online guide to surfing in Myrtle Beach, providing information on surf spots, local regulations, safety tips, and more. The website also features a forum where surfers can connect and share information.

4. South Carolina Surf Reports

South Carolina Surf Reports is a website that provides daily surf reports and forecasts for surf spots in South Carolina, including Myrtle Beach. They also offer a surf cam network so you can get a glimpse of the waves from anywhere.

5. East Coast Surfing Championships

The East Coast Surfing Championships is an annual surfing competition held in Virginia Beach, but it attracts surfers from all over the East Coast, including Myrtle Beach. The event features professional and amateur divisions, as well as live music and other festivities.

With these resources and websites at your fingertips, you’ll be able to stay informed and make the most of your time surfing in Myrtle Beach. Happy surfing!


Surfing in South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach is a unique and exciting experience that every surfer should add to their bucket list. With a variety of surf spots, surfing schools and lessons, surfboard rentals, and local surfing events, Myrtle Beach offers something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer.

Remember to prioritize safety by following essential surfing safety tips, including being aware of rip currents, understanding local regulations, and taking precautions while surfing. But don’t forget to have fun and appreciate the community of fellow surfers that make Myrtle Beach a vibrant surfing destination.

Whether you’re visiting Myrtle Beach for a surfing getaway or planning a longer stay, there are plenty of accommodation options that offer easy access to the surf spots and local dining and nightlife scene. And with a variety of useful surfing resources and websites specifically tailored to Myrtle Beach, you’ll have all the information you need to make the most of your surfing experience in this beautiful coastal destination.

So pack your bags, grab your surfboard, and head to Myrtle Beach for an unforgettable surfing adventure that you’ll never forget.


Can beginners surf in Myrtle Beach?

Absolutely! Myrtle Beach offers a variety of surf spots suitable for beginners. Just make sure to take lessons and practice surfing in safe conditions.

Are there any surfboard rental shops in Myrtle Beach?

Yes, there are several surfboard rental shops in Myrtle Beach where you can rent different types of boards. Prices and availability may vary, so it’s best to check with the specific shops.

What is the best time to surf in Myrtle Beach?

The best time to surf in Myrtle Beach is typically during the summer months when the waves are more consistent. However, this can vary depending on weather conditions and tides, so it’s a good idea to check surf reports before heading out.

Are there any surfing competitions in Myrtle Beach?

Yes, Myrtle Beach hosts various local surfing events and competitions throughout the year. These events provide a great opportunity to watch skilled surfers in action and experience the competitive side of the sport.

What safety precautions should I take while surfing in Myrtle Beach?

It’s important to be aware of rip currents, follow local regulations, and always surf within your abilities. Additionally, wearing a leash, using sunscreen, and staying hydrated are all important safety measures.

Where can I find surfing lessons in Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach offers several surfing schools and lessons for both beginners and advanced surfers. These lessons are a great way to learn the basics or improve your skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

What are some recommended surf shops in Myrtle Beach?

There are many excellent surf shops in Myrtle Beach where you can find a wide range of surfing gear, accessories, and apparel. Some popular options include [Surf Shop 1], [Surf Shop 2], and [Surf Shop 3].

Are there any local dining options specifically for surfers in Myrtle Beach?

Absolutely! Myrtle Beach offers a vibrant dining scene with many restaurants catering to surfers. Check out [Restaurant 1], [Restaurant 2], and [Restaurant 3] for delicious meals and a great atmosphere.

What is the surfing etiquette in Myrtle Beach?

Respecting fellow surfers, sharing waves, and maintaining a harmonious surfing community are important aspects of surfing etiquette in Myrtle Beach. It’s essential to be courteous and follow the unwritten rules of the lineup.

Are there any useful surfing resources and websites for Myrtle Beach?

Yes, there are several surfing resources and websites dedicated to Myrtle Beach. These provide valuable information, updates, and insights for both locals and visitors. Check out [Website 1], [Website 2], and [Website 3] for more information.

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